Livelihood Resource Centre for differently abled (Men & Women)

Cheshire Homes Coimbatore has launched a new project called “Livelihood Resource Centre (LRC)” towards improvement of sustainable livelihood development among the persons with disability (PWD) who live in and around the districts of Tirupur, Coimbatore, Dindigul and Erode.


Through this project various types of differently abled people who are skilled or unskilled and educated or not, are being identified through conducting various camps, outreach programs and linkages.

Assessment & Counselling

We assess to find out their basic needs by providing counselling along with their parents and care givers. This helps in identifying their potential, skill and capabilities.

Foundation and Advance Training

Foundation training is providing through “Ready to Succeed Training Module” sustainable job preparedness activity is the key focus under foundation training, the training period depends on candidate learning capability.

Our Foundation training are

  1. Personality Development
  2. Basic Language development
  3. Basic numeracy
  4. Basic Information Technology
  5. Employability training
  6. Entrepreneurship Training   

Advance Vocational Training

Candidates willbe selected for advance vocational training based on their education qualification and learning ability. Selected PWDs will be given admission in the affiliated institutions around our project location’s.

Wage employment

 Skill based initial training will be given to PWD based on their need. After the training PWD will be placed for Wage Employment in sectors such as Hospitals, Tailoring, Private schools, Manufacturing companies, Textile Designing, Hospitality, Retail and IT fields etc.


We offer business enhancement program under income generation activity. PWDs who are currently Self Employed will be considered for this activity.

Sensitisation & Advocacy

We Create awareness byway of sensitisation program’s to Employer’s, Government Depts., Stakeholders and General community for the sustainable economic development of persons with disability.

Other services

  1. Assistive devices (Advance and technological innovations)
  2. Education Help (Higher education –Degree & Post degree)

Follow up

We do follow up with all level’s after our services are provided to ensure sustainable development and positive outcome.

Our Stakeholders 

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