“Manava Seva Madhava Seva”(The Service to Humanity is Service to God)

Volunteer at Cheshire. Your presence will bring joy and happiness to the already sick poor residents some of whom have been deserted by their families and lead very lonely lives.

Volunteers play an active part in the lives of our patients. They have a very positive effect on the everyday lives of our residents. Patients feel loved and a wanted in this society.

Volunteering at LRC (Livelihood Resource Center)

Apart from Cheshire Home we welcome Volunteers to participate in our Livelihood Resource Center where they will be involved hands on in helping our differently abled persons by Identification, Registration of required information and Assessments.

The Volunteers will also be involved in Counselling, Motivating and guiding the candidates towards their Career Goals, or the Necessary Vocational Training and Skill Development programs provided by Cheshire’s Livelihood Resource Center.

Please contact us for more details.

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